Sredna Gora AD has just successfully finished the implementation of project "Grow greener" with the financial support of Norway Financial Mechanism.

The main project objective was to raise our competitiveness through implementation of new resource saving equipment as well as a truly innovative and unique equipment for UV roller coating of curved elements which was developed based on our needs and is the first of its kind. The key activities of the investment include three main components:

- Automatic system for pellet production together with saw dust extraction

- resource saving equipment for 4 sided calibration of wood

- innovative equipment for UV roller coating of curved elements

The outcomes of the implemented project include but are not limited to:

- Gathering and reusing the generated wastes as means of resource for pellets production

- Implementing into regular production of innovative technology for UV roller coating of curved elements and reduction of generated wastes and VOC from the process

- Ensuring better flexibility concerning the increase of end costs based on reduced quantity of necessary material and energy costs

- Production of more durable and long lasting products based on the innovative painting technology thus increasing their life and reducing the wastes

- ensuring better working conditions for all of the company employees due to implemented filters and effective sawdust deduction.

The achieved outcomes correspond in full to the expected ones by the Green Industry Innovation focus area.

With the help of Innovation Norway we were able to invest in the latest technologies ensuring cost-effective and efficient production and at the same time caring for the environment.

We are proud to share that the technology for UV roller coating was developed by our experts and based on this the delivered machine was built. The machine is unique and innovative and will ensure for us great competitive advantages.

All the equipment we have implemented with this project features the latest and most effective resource and energy saving technologies.

We would like to thank Innovation Norway team - Bulgaria for all the valuable support we received during the whole application and project implementation process